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Research Shows Links Between Gum Disease and Alzheimer's - 2021-04-14
"The mouth is home to both harmful bacteria that promote inflammation and healthy, protective bacteria, the study authors explained." More

No Rise in Global Suicide Rate in First Months of Pandemic - 2021-04-14
"Suicides did not rise in wealthier nations early in the COVID pandemic, but continued monitoring of long-term mental health and economic effects is needed, a new study says." More

4 in 10 Adults Over 50 Consult Online Reviews When Picking a Doctor - 2021-04-14
"Finding a new doctor can be a daunting task. For help, many older adults turn to online reviews, a new study finds." More

CBD or THC? Cannabis Product Labels Often Mislead, Study Finds - 2021-04-13
"Patients, beware: You might not be able to trust the label on that medical marijuana product you just brought home." More

Newborns Won't Get COVID Through Infected Mom's Breast Milk: Study - 2021-04-13
"A new study offers more reassurance that mothers infected with SARS-CoV-2 can safely breastfeed their babies." More

Pandemic Has Put Many Clinical Trials on Hold - 2021-04-09
"Fewer clinical trials are being completed during the pandemic, which experts say could affect medical research for decades to come." More

Stressed, Exhausted: Frontline Workers Faced Big Mental Strain in Pandemic - 2021-04-09
"Doctors, nurses and other frontline health workers in U.S. emergency departments have struggled with significant mental health challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, a new poll reveals." More

Assisted Living Centers Can Do More for Dementia Patients, Experts Say - 2021-04-08
"U.S. assisted living facilities often have activities to keep seniors socially engaged -- but a new study says they need to ensure that residents with dementia are not left out." More

Despite Pandemic's Toll, Many Older Adults Don't Have Living Wills - 2021-04-08
"As the coronavirus pandemic continues in the United States, less than half of older Americans have legally stated their wishes should they become seriously ill, a new survey finds." More

'Heart-in-a-Box' Can Be Lifesaving, Matching Up Distant Donors With Patients - 2021-04-08
"TransMedics' Organ Care System, nicknamed Heart-in-a-Box, allows organs to live outside of bodies for a longer period of time, meaning hospitals can scout a larger geographic radius for possible donors." More

Jail Dims Hopes for Recovery for Young People With Mental Illness - 2021-04-07
"Being jailed puts teens with untreated psychiatric disorders at increased risk for long-term mental health struggles, researchers say." More

Public Lost Trust in CDC During COVID Crisis: Poll - 2021-04-07
"Americans' trust in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has declined during the COVID-19 pandemic, an opinion poll finds." More

Nearly 8 in 10 School, Child Care Staff Have Gotten at Least 1 Dose of COVID Vaccine: CDC - 2021-04-07
"In findings that bode well for the full reopening of schools across America, a new government survey shows that nearly 80 percent of school employees and child care workers have received at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine." More

Why Are ER Wait Times Getting Longer for Kids in Mental Health Crisis? - 2021-04-06
"U.S. children commonly wait hours in the emergency room for help with a mental health crisis -- a problem that has worsened over time, a new study finds." More

Buying Your Own Health Insurance Just Got Way Less Expensive - 2021-04-06
"Tens of millions of Americans will find it substantially more affordable to buy their own health insurance starting this month, thanks to generous financial help included in the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) signed by President Joe Biden in March." More

427 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)